All moulds are outsourced to our long-standing mould makers in Greater Toronto Area and overseas. The moulds are built to Amra approved design and monitored closely to completion by our staff.

All of our mould makers are fully conversant with the automative standards and have built moulds for Omron, Magna and other Automotive Customers. We have used them successfully for manufacturing and continued revisions and repairs.

The slideshow will display pictures of tooling machines.

Creator CI-100, Tonnage: 112Creator CI-100, Tonnage: 112Mitsubishi 150MJII, Tonnage: 150Mitsubishi 150MJII, Tonnage: 150Engel, Tonnage: 300Engel, Tonnage: 300Engel, Tonnage: 440Engel, Tonnage: 440Creator CI-300, Tonnage: 300Creator CI-300, Tonnage: 300Kawaguchi, Tonnage: 140Kawaguchi, Tonnage: 140Sumitomo SH80C, Tonnage: 80Sumitomo SH80C, Tonnage: 80Creator CI-45, Tonnage: 45Creator CI-45, Tonnage: 45Sumitomo SH100C, Tonnage: 100Sumitomo SH100C, Tonnage: 100